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About Valley Rays


The absolute Best, Most Premium Sunglasses.. at an Affordable Price.

Valley Rays is built on the concept that high quality sunglasses should not cost $200 or $300. Valley Rays is the only brand in the world that can deliver the highest quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

A Focus on Style, Comfort, Quality, and Functionality

At Valley Rays, style, comfort, quality, and functionality are the pillars of our brand. Every idea, every concept, and every pair of sunglasses is meticulously crafted with these principles in mind. We want you to not only look fantastic in your shades but also experience the utmost comfort and clarity, empowering you to take on any adventure that awaits.

Born in Phoenix Arizona

Valley Rays was born in Sunny Phoenix Arizona, where exceptional eyewear meets the sunny adventures of life! Our sunglasses are designed and tested with sun-soaked city of Phoenix as our inspiration, with the sole mission to create sunglasses you'll love so much that you'll find every excuse to embrace the outdoors while wearing them.

Fueled by an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Valley Rays was founded in 2022, thanks to the shared vision of Anthony and Shane. These two like-minded individuals, fueled by their entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination to be the best versions of themselves, came together to create something extraordinary. Their relentless drive is infused into every design and meticulous detail of our sunglasses, all with the goal of making Valley Rays synonymous with unparalleled excellence.

From the Minds of Two Engineers

Drawing from their backgrounds as engineers in the construction industry, where precision and attention to detail reign supreme, Anthony and Shane bring their expertise to the world of eyewear. Building on their passion for outdoor sports like mountain biking and snowboarding, they recognized the need for a brand that enhances vision and protects eyes, no matter what challenges the world throws your way.

Business as a Purpose

While Valley Rays may be revolutionizing the concept of quality and affordability, our focus is to help our community while keeping a watchful eye on environmental impacts. We believe in being responsible stewards of our planet and contribute a portion of our profits to help feed hungry students in our community.

Share our Sunshine

So, whether you're exploring rugged terrains, lounging on sandy beaches, or simply strolling through the city streets, Valley Rays Sunglasses will be your reliable companion, enhancing your vision and style while protecting your eyes. Join us on this thrilling journey, as we bring sunshine and adventure to your world, one pair of sunglasses at a time.

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