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Introducing the World's Most Versatile Lens.

Our Lucid Lenses are proudly made of High Grade Nylon, which boasts the highest overall rating of any lens on the market. See the lens material score here.


Nylon has an ABBE value of 52. Compared to polycarbonate which has an ABBE value of 32, meaning that Nylon is almost twice as clear as standard polycarbonate lenses.


Nylon is famously impact resistant and shatter resistant comparable to polycarbonate which is used in most safety glasses.

Eye Safety

Our lenses keep your eyes safe from the suns harmful UV rays and blue light.

Scratch resistant layer

Yes nylon is the most scratch resistant lens out there, but that didn't stop us from adding 3 more layers of scratch resistant coatings becuase this prolongs the life of your glasses but also improves your vision and reduces eye strain

Anti-Glare Coating

This coating is applied to the back of the lens to make sure you are not seeing the reflection of your eyes, or something behind you. This increases clarity and eliminates distracting glare.

Smudge Resistant Coating

This coating makes it easier for you to clean your glasses and eliminate any smudges that might impair your vision.

Polarized and Non-Polarized

We offer both polarized and non-polarized. Here are some pros and cons of polarized lenses to help you decide what you need.

Pros of Polarized Lenses

  • Reduce glare for better vision and less eye strain
  • Sharpen contrast between light and dark
  • Prevents eye strain and fatigue

Cons of Polarized Lenses

  • Distorts colors through tinted windows
  • Creates rainbow effect when looking through tinted windows
  • Makes it difficult to see LCD screens

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