We wanted a frame that was strong yet flexible. Something that looked good and felt good. And we wanted something that was as light on our face as it is the environment.

Our Eco-Flex frame is made from an industry leading swiss engineered thermoplastic known as TR90, and blended with a non-petroleum, plant based Bio-Resin made from castor beans.

Durable yet flexible

While the frame is a TR-90 hybrid it still retains all the physical properties of TR-90, being extremely durable, flexible, and shatter resistant.


The Eco-Flex Frame is a Bio-Resin made with TR-90 as the base material and a natural castor bean oil as the binder, eliminating the need for petroleum products.


Did you know that every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists today? That is the main reason why we blended TR-90 with a natural castor bean oil for a frame that will degrade over time if left to the elements.

Reduced C02 footprint with Castor Beans

By growing a portion of our frame material we are reducing our C02 footprint as well as reducing other harmful pollutants that petroleum products produce.

Lightweight frame

Our Eco-Flex frame is 25% lighter than acetate frames.

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