We only want the best.

We started Valley Rays with a mission to make the very best sunglasses. To do this we started with the best materials and upgraded from there.

We researched every lens type and selected the overall best lens and then added more features to create what we call the Lucid Lens, an industry leading lens.

We are very proud of our frames as well. Made from a natural bean oil in a clean manufacturing  process to make an environmentally friendly product that is  durable, light and best of all biodegradable.

Valley Rays Sunglasses with Polarized Gray nylon lens

Lucid Lens

We have the best overall lens and we are not just saying that. Check out how we compare to the competition.

Valley Rays Sunglasses with Valley Rays "V" logo

Eco-Flex Frame

See what makes our frame so special. From its environmentally friendly nature to its durability and clean feel.

The Details

We take no short cuts designing our sunglasses. Take a closer look at all the fun things we did to make these sunglasses truly better.

Premium Sunglasses Inspired by the Arizona Desert Sun

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