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😎 Try-On Feature Now Available!

Premium Sunglasses Inspired by the Arizona Desert Sun

Protect Your Eyes and Look Great with Premium Arizona-Inspired Shades!

Welcome to Valley Rays – the premier destination for high quality, polarized sunglasses and vision clarity inspired by the Arizona desert sun. We understands the need for sunglasses that can stand up to our hot and sunny desert days, while maintaining crystal-clear vision.


"I recently purchased these sunglasses and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. The quality of the materials used to make them is top-notch and I can just feel how sturdy they are in my hands. They are built to last and I am confident they will hold up to heavy use."

"I was hesitant to buy sunglasses online, but Valley Rays exceeded my expectations. The lenses are crystal clear, and the frames fit like a glove. Also, the customer service is outstanding - they really care about their customers satisfaction."

"What surprises me the most is how resistant the lenses are to scratches. I have accidentally dropped them multiple times and to my surprise, no scratches. The lenses are also really clear which is great."

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The Desert Sun Never Takes A Day Off

The harsh and relenting desert sun never takes a day off, and this can cause serious problems for those who venture out without the proper eye protection. To mitigate this problem, many people turn to Arizona Desert Sunglasses as a solution, but not all sunglasses are created equal. In fact, the differences between cheap and expensive sunglasses can be staggering.

Cheap Sunglasses vs Expensive Sunglasses

Cheap Sunglasses:

Cheap sunglasses are often made with low-quality lenses that can cause headaches, eye strain and long term damage to your eyes. They typically scratch easily and may break when exposed to too much force or pressure.

 Expensive Sunglasses:

Expensive sunglasses are made with better, higher quality lenses that provide the clearest vision and optimal protection. The frames are more durable, and they often feature polarized lenses which reduce glare for a clearer view in bright sunlight.

Valley Rays Best Value Guarantee

Get the Best Quality for Your Money

Highest Quality Sunglasses At a Fraction Of the Cost.

At Valley Rays, we are proud to offer premium sunglasses at a fraction of the cost that you would expect. We believe in providing the best quality for your money and always strive to meet our customers' expectations.

Versatile Design.

Our sunglasses come with a variety of frames and lens options, allowing you to customize the perfect pair for any activity. Whether you're planning a day at the pool, barbequing in the backyard, hiking, biking or playing golf, baseball or any other outdoor sport – Valley Rays has got you covered!

Comfort and Durability.

We prioritize both comfort and durability when crafting our sunglasses. Our sunglasses are made with top-quality materials such as high optic nylon lenses, polycarbonate lenses and bio-resin for superior clarity and scratch resistance. Our TR90 frames provide a comfortable fit that won't slip off no matter how hard you are playing.

The Phoenix – Now Available –

For Outdoor Enthusiasts….

The Phoenix was built for outdoor enthusiasts who want a solid pair of sunglasses they can wear on the trail, on the town and everywhere in between.

Best Premium Sunglasses for Running, Hiking and Biking, Golf, Baseball

A Style That Stays Put

Stay in the zone during your active adventures with sunglasses that provide a secure and comfortable fit, keeping up with your fast-paced activities. Experience lightweight frames, adjustable lenses, and a sleek design that enhances your performance and style.

Best High Quality Sunglasses for Boating, Pools

Offered in Polarized

Elevate your boating and poolside experience with polarized sunglasses that reduce glare and enhance visibility on the water. Choose from a range of stylish designs that combine functionality with a trendy aesthetic.

Best Sunglasses For Chilling Poolside, Barbequing

A Timeless Style That

Unwind by the pool or host a stylish barbecue gathering with sunglasses that exude a timeless sense of style. Discover shades that not only protect your eyes but also enhance your poolside look with their fashionable designs.

Valley Rays Quality Guarantee

At Valley Rays, we guarantee the highest quality sunglasses for a fraction of the cost. Our passion lies in providing our customers with the best products for their active lifestyle.

Better Lens

Lucid Lens – as clear as glass, as strong as polycarbonate

 Experience our Lucid Lens, combining the clarity of glass with the strength of polycarbonate. Made from high optic nylon, our lenses are scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and offer crystal-clear vision. They also feature an anti-reflection coating and the option for polarized lenses to reduce glare.

Better Frame Materials

  1. Eco-Flex
  2. Swiss Engineered Bio-Resin

 Discover our frames made from Eco-Flex, a durable and eco-friendly material, as well as Swiss Engineered Bio-Resin. These frames are tough, shatterproof, and melt-resistant, providing the perfect combination of strength and sustainability. They stay securely in place while running and even during headbanging sessions.

Better Design


 Experience superior comfort in our premium sunglasses, designed with your needs in mind. Enjoy a lightweight and ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Our frames are made with adjustable nose pads and temples, allowing you to customize your fit for optimal comfort.

Co-Founders Story

"We got tired of gas station sunglasses breaking every weekend, but we felt buyer's remorse after buying over-priced shades.

We started Valley Rays so people like us could get durable, great-looking sunglasses at a fair price point."

 At Valley Rays, we understand the frustration of settling for subpar "high quality" sunglasses that fail to meet your needs. That's why we embarked on a mission to create exceptional eyewear that combines style, functionality, and durability. With meticulous attention to detail, we've developed premium sunglasses that surpass expectations, featuring top-notch lens technology for clear vision and UV protection, eco-friendly frame materials for sustainability and strength, and a diverse range of designs to suit your personal style.

Our goal is to provide sunglasses that not only shield your eyes but also enhance your daily experiences. Join us on this journey to a brighter, more comfortable, and stylish future Valley Rays.

Valley Rays vs Other Brands

Valley Rays is TOP quality At Half the Price

At Valley Rays, we pride ourselves on offering sunglasses of exceptional quality that rival top brands, but at a fraction of the price. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality eyewear without breaking the bank. Experience the same level of craftsmanship, style, and durability as top brands, without the hefty price tag.

Independent Company

We are an independent company, driven by a passion for providing outstanding sunglasses to our customers. We have the freedom to focus solely on delivering exceptional products and excellent customer service. We value the trust and loyalty of our customers and strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our business.

Let Us Help You Choose Your Sunglass Style

How to choose the right style Sunglasses?

Discover the perfect sunglasses style with our expert guidance. We'll help you find the ideal fit and design to suit your personal taste and enhance your look.

What Sunglass for my face shape?

Learn which sunglasses flatter your face shape best. Our tips and recommendations will assist you in selecting the most complementary styles for oval, round, square, heart, or other face shapes.

Polarized Sunglasses Vs non-Polarized?

Understand the difference between polarized sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses. We'll explain the benefits of each type to help you make an informed choice based on your specific needs and preferences.

What is lens tint and what should I get?

Explore the world of lens tint options and their functionalities. We'll provide insights on choosing the appropriate tint for different lighting conditions and activities, ensuring optimal visual clarity and comfort.

Buy Your High Quality Sunglasses Online

Experience the convenience of shopping for premium sunglasses online. Browse our wide selection, choose your favorite styles, and enjoy a hassle-free purchase process from the comfort of your own home.

Block the Sun And Chill

Relax and enjoy the outdoors while keeping your eyes protected from the sun's harmful rays. Discover our range of stylish sunglasses that provide both UV protection and a cool, laid-back vibe, perfect for leisurely activities and unwinding under the sun.  

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